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The common problem of heated vest


Latest company news about The common problem of heated vest

1. What is heated vest?

Heated vest is similar to comment  vest.

The difference is that there is heating element inside the vest, Usually the heating element is carbon fiber heating wire or composite fiber heating wire, when connect to battery, the hetaing wire provide heating,keep body warm.


2. Is the temperature of heated vest adjustable?

Yes, the temperature is 3 level ajustable.

There are switch button with LED light, press the switch button to adjust the temperature

Red light is high temperature around  55°C

Blue light is medium temperature around 45°C

Green light is low temperature around 38°C


3. Is heated vest safe?

Yes, heated vest is safe.

Heated vest use far infrared heating technology, the heating is fast and uniform and safe, and the voltage is only 5V. Human body can endure voltage not over 36V,  5V is a very low voltage.


4. Is heated vest washable?

Yes, heated vest is washable. Before wash, please take off the battery.


5. Is heated element inside the vest waterproof, when spray with water, does it work?

The heating element can work normally under water.


6. Is heated vest heavy?

No, heated vest is light weight as normal vest. When connect to battery,  battey put inside the pocket, user will not feel heavy.


7. How long does the heating lasting?

When the battery power is 100%, the heating may last 4~8 hours, it will be affected by the setting of temperature. For example, if under high temperature, heating last around 4 hours; If under low temperature, heating last around 8 hours. Also it will be afftected by the enviroment temperature, like outdoor, extremely cold VC indoor.


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