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Shenzhen Jinghai Technology Co.,Ltd, found in 2010, located in Bao an Shenzhen, with a factory located in Huizhou city, around 4500 square meters workshop.We specialize in developing and manufacturing intelligent temperature control clothing, heated clothes, air conditioning clothing, air conditioning cooling fan, electric heating pad, lithium battery pack, digital battery, laptop battery, power bank etc.Our products are widely exported to Japan, South Korea, USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Netherland...
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One cable connect 3fans Cooling Fan 5V Air Conditioning Cooler

Product Name:Cooling Fan

Motor:Brush Motor

Material:Plastic ABS

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Three Level Speed Jacket Cooling Fan 2piece Fan For Summer Working Men Suits

Motor:Brush Motor

Material:Plastic ABS

Color:Grey White

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19V Fan Battery Set 20000mAh For Summer Cooling Vest 12H working time

Fan Material:Plastic ABS

Fan Size:Outer Dia105*Thk34mm

Fan Blade:7pcs Red Color

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Outer Diameter 105mm 7 Rotary Vane Jacket Cooling Fan For Clothes Outdoor Video

Outer Diameter 105mm 7 Rotary Vane Jacket Cooling Fan For Clothes Outdoor

Wind Speed:3 Shifts

Rotary Vane Quantity:7

Product Name:Fan For Clothes

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2023-07-14 17:17:53
They are very quick to respond and solve problems. Quick to deliver the product they promised.
2023-07-14 17:18:50
They were very helpful, super responsive, and fast to deliver.
2023-07-14 17:21:18
Very good service
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Heatwave cerberus hits Europe, wear long sleeve fan clothes is more cooling than bikinis
Heatwave cerberus hits Europe, wear long sleeve fan clothes is more cooling than bikinis
Global temperatures continue to rise, Europe is experiencing its deadliest heat wave on record. The name of this super heatwave is Cerberus.This name is meant to make people think of Hades who  guard the gate of hell. Cerberus will trigger the hottest summer in Europe. Heatwave will hit Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Poland.   May people, especially female, they use to wear bikinis when go out in hot summer, they believe wear less is more cooling. In fact,it is not. And easy to sunstroke as the enviroment temperature is exceed skin temperature.   Long sleeve fan clothes, we call air conditioning clothes, clothes with two fans, When wear such clothes, the two fans working, blow wind to body, people will feel cooling.   Any style clothes can be made to be air conditioning clothes. For example, as below picture shown,  it is casual style long sleeve with cap clothes.   Or as below picture shown, it is long sleeve working clothes, without cap     No matter casual style clothes or working clothes, with two fans inside, it will make people feel cooling. To learn more information about fan clothes, you can write email to me, my email address is
Someone was dehydrated and in hosipital, he should wear cooling fan jacket
Someone was dehydrated and in hosipital, he should wear cooling fan jacket
Northern Hemisphere are experiencing extreme heat this summer. In Spain, France and Italy, the daily maximum temperature exceeded 40℃,  In Tokyo, temperatures exceeded 35℃ for five days continously.  In USA temperature reach 55℃!      In a high temperature environment, the human body mainly adjust its temperature through perspiration, but when the humidity of the environment is high, this heat dissipation pathway will be blocked, and people will feel "stuffy" and will be heat stroke, dehydration etc.   Under such high temperature situation. he should wear cooling fan jacket when go out.   Cooling fan jacket, there are two fans install inside. With battery as power supply. When connect to battery, the fan blow wind to help the sweat evaporating, taking away the heat as the sweat evaporating, making body temperature drop. The brief introduction of cooling fan jacket for welder Material: 100% Cotton/polyester Size: M, L,XL, 2XL,3XL, 4XL Men and women the same style WIth zipper Long sleeve     Any question,please feel free to write email to me:      
The Death Valley National Park of California of USA  max high temperature reached 54℃
The Death Valley National Park of California of USA max high temperature reached 54℃
The Southwest of USA has been baken by heat temperature these days. On July 15, local time, in Death Valley National Park of California, the max high temperature reached 54℃. Under such heat status, some vistors still came to the park to witness a new heat record. The Death Valley National Park has place warning signs, warning people should not go to do hiking after 10 a.m., but that do not frighten visitors.   It is really dangerous, when human body temperature expecially skin temperature exceed 37.5℃, he was going to fever. When enviorment temperature is much higher then skin temperature, he will not feel good. It is time to wear fan jacket when you decide to visit the Death Valley National Park. With fan, help to make you feel cooling. There are two fans install inside the jacket, with battery to power the fan. Jacket can be different style Like below style, this jacket is hoodie style. Sun protection. When you plan to do hiking in Death Valley National Park, this fan jacket should be ideal, and with fan, don't forget it. For more question, please feel free to contact me via email:
Summer construction workers magical cooling device - air conditioned clothes with fan
Summer construction workers magical cooling device - air conditioned clothes with fan
During hot summer, construction workers face high temperature, hard work, and hot weather. How to make them feel cooling during working?   There are always magical cooling device on market.However, the most magical cooling device is the air conditioned cltohes with fan.   It is very convient. There are 2 fans installed inside the clothes, connect with battery, fan blow winds to body, dispel heat. Image when you wear such clothes and go out to work,the fan blow winds to your body, is it cool? and cooling.   Air conditioned clothes has been popular in Japan many years ago.     The full set of air conditioned clothes include clothes, fan, battery. Clothes: jacket or vest, with two holes to install fan, usually is zipper style. Fan: usually 2pcs fan,  and charging cable,   if 5V fan, it is with USB swtich cable; if 7.4V or 12V fan, it is with DC cable. Battery: it is the power supply to fan. if 5V, usually use power bank 10000mAh, if 7.4V or 12V, use battery 7.4V or 12V.   The fan play an important role in air conditioned clothes. If with poor quality motor, short life time and lound noise.  The fan made by Shenzhen Jinghai Technology is used Japanese motor, follow strict production management, 100% full check before shipment. Jinghai's cooling fan for air conditioned clothes are very popular in Japan.
Air conditioning clothing with fan - Say goodbye to high temperature
Air conditioning clothing with fan - Say goodbye to high temperature
Air conditioned clothing with fan can bring cool and comfortable feelings to people. It can meet people's requirement in high temperature weather, especially in the hot climate conditions in summer, and can bring convenience and comfort to people. The technology is 2pcs fan install inside the clothes, use battery as power supply,fan connect to battery, fan works which will make people feel cooling in hot weather. The fan is the core of the full set product. Our fan choose good quality motor, Japanese  brand or Chinese local brand, quality is guaranteed. Each fan weight 97g/pcs only,people will not feel heavy when wear the air conditioned clothes with such light weight fans. Low power consumption, fan working time is longer, make people feel cooling the whole day.   If you would like to know more about air conditioning clothes with fan, feel free to contact me, My email address: Skype: fancy.ye2
The common problem of heated vest
The common problem of heated vest
1. What is heated vest? Heated vest is similar to comment  vest. The difference is that there is heating element inside the vest, Usually the heating element is carbon fiber heating wire or composite fiber heating wire, when connect to battery, the hetaing wire provide heating,keep body warm.   2. Is the temperature of heated vest adjustable? Yes, the temperature is 3 level ajustable. There are switch button with LED light, press the switch button to adjust the temperature Red light is high temperature around  55°C Blue light is medium temperature around 45°C Green light is low temperature around 38°C   3. Is heated vest safe? Yes, heated vest is safe. Heated vest use far infrared heating technology, the heating is fast and uniform and safe, and the voltage is only 5V. Human body can endure voltage not over 36V,  5V is a very low voltage.   4. Is heated vest washable? Yes, heated vest is washable. Before wash, please take off the battery.   5. Is heated element inside the vest waterproof, when spray with water, does it work? The heating element can work normally under water.   6. Is heated vest heavy? No, heated vest is light weight as normal vest. When connect to battery,  battey put inside the pocket, user will not feel heavy.   7. How long does the heating lasting? When the battery power is 100%, the heating may last 4~8 hours, it will be affected by the setting of temperature. For example, if under high temperature, heating last around 4 hours; If under low temperature, heating last around 8 hours. Also it will be afftected by the enviroment temperature, like outdoor, extremely cold VC indoor.     Any more quesiton, please feel free to write email to me: My email is  
USB heated shawl blanket zipper design can be wrapped
USB heated shawl blanket zipper design can be wrapped
A wave of cold air passed, the weather suddenly cold down. Here I would like to share heated shawl blanket It can be wrapped, it can be covered. With zipper, fashion design, wearable. Perfect for office nap in winter There is switch button with LED light Press the button Red light 55­°C Blue light 45­°C Green light 38­°C The USB plug with waterproof cover,  when wash, cover the USB plug,  The heating element is also waterproof, not afraid of washing.   Product detail:  Blanket material: Soft flannel Color: Apricot Yellow, Pink, Grey, Brown for option Size: 80x150cm Weight: 0.94kg Pocket: 1 pocket for placing the power bank YKK zipper for shoulder wrapped Heating element: Composite fiber (8pads heating pad sewed inside the blanket) Power: 10W Voltage: 5V safe to human body Power supply: use a power bank 10000mAh or use a special USB cable connect to computer or adaptor for use directly   It is very nice to have such heated shawl blanket in winter.   Want to learn more, please feel free to email to me:
Small fan install in mesh pet clothing for take the dog for a walk during hot summer
Small fan install in mesh pet clothing for take the dog for a walk during hot summer
Hot weather will come every summer. When take the dog for a walk during hot summer,  hot weather will make dog feel anxious,uncomfortable and is easy to heat stroke. If there is small cooling fan install in mesh pet clothing, it will help to cool dog greatly. Here is our smallest fan: Super slim, thickness  only 25mm Light weight only 47g/pcs With brushless motor to achieve very smooth rotated speed and very low noise.   The small fan is powered by disposable battery.   If you take your dog for a walk twice per day, and 10 minutes each time, then the battery can last for three months. That is if you get such small cooling fan and battery set at hand, it help you to take your lovely dog for a walk the whole Summer. Next Summer, you only need to buy new battery.  2pcs AAA battery is enough.   For large dog, the pet clothes is specially made with one hole for fan and one pocket for placing battery. Cool your dog during hot summer ! Any question, please feel free to write email to:
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